Care Plan and Treatment

Wounds, due to their complex nature, require an individualized course of treatment to promote healing. Your treatment plan will be overseen by one of our staff physicians and a nurse case manager will be your primary contact at the center.

Some of the following treatments may be included in your treatment plan:

Wound Dressings
Specific wound care products will be chosen for your wound depending on your needs. Proper dressing can go a long way to promote healing.

Wound Debridement
Wound debridement is a process that removes dead or infected tissue, which helps to spur the body to produce healthy tissue to replace the diseased tissue. This method can be used on a wound or burn.

Methods of debridement are surgical, chemical, mechanical, or autolytic (using the body’s own processes).

Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring
This test records the level of oxygen available to your wound. The more oxygen your wound gets, the quicker healing can be complete.

Doppler Evaluation of Pulses
This technique measures the blood flow available to bring nutrients and medications to the wound. The better the blood flow is, the quicker healing will occur.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen while relaxing in a transparent, cylindrical chamber. This therapy promotes blood vessel formation, increases oxygen flow to damaged tissues, reduces swelling, allows the body to kill germs and promotes healing.