About Your Stay

Before You Arrive

When should you go to the hospital?

You should contact you physician or provider at any time if have questions.

Typically, you should come to the hospital if you suspect your water is broken, either by a sudden gush or steady trickle of fluid. If you’re having contractions, you should usually come in when they are regularly every 5 minutes and this has been going on for an hour. Vaginal bleeding or continuous abdominal pain need to be evaluated. Also, if you have notice the baby is not moving like he/she has been, you should be evaluated.

What should you bring?

You will need to bring any personal items that may serve as focal points during your labor and delivery. You will need to bring clothes to wear home as well as an outfit, blankets, and car seat to take the baby home. We provide gowns and toiletry items for moms and t-shirts and blankets for the babies during their stay. Please feel free to bring any personal toiletry items you may want as well.

During Your Stay

Where should you check in?

When you arrive, you will need to go to the separate entrance for Women’s Services. There is parking near the building and with an awning over the entry. Please check in at the window and our secretaries will get you registered.

Who can stay with you?

In labor and delivery, we limit visitors to 3 at a time. Visitors may switch off, but no more than 3 visitors at a time will be allowed in labor and delivery. In our triage rooms, we limit this to 1 visitor at a time due to space constraints. Usually, the person who is going to be helping the mom with the baby is allowed to stay overnight. No minors are permitted to stay unattended.

Going Home

When can you go home?

Hospital stays vary from 1-3 days depending on circumstances. On day of discharge, we will review the discharge teaching that has been given throughout the hospital stay as well as assist with making follow-up appointments. You will need to dress yourself and the baby in the attire to travel home. One of our staff members will escort the mom and baby to the car.

What do you get to take home?

Our staff decorates cards of the baby’s footprints that are yours to keep, and you will also have a crib card to take home. Medical records will assist you with obtaining birth certificate information.

How do you get help after leaving the hospital?

Please call your physician or provider any time if you have questions. We also have a lactation consultant available during the day should questions or problems arise.