Home Hospice Care

Hospice is a special way of caring for patients with a life-limiting illness who are no longer seeking curative treatment. The goal of hospice care is to allow the patient to live their final weeks or months in as little pain as possible.  Hospice care relieves the stress of care-giving for the patient’s family, allowing them to enjoy their final time together in peace.  Quality of life is enhanced through pain control, symptom management and comfort care.

A hospice team of doctors, nurses, medical social workers, certified nursing assistants, volunteers, and clergy work together to provide the patient and family with, privacy, dignity and choices. Your care team will:

  • Manage the patient’s pain
  • Help the patient cope with the emotional and spiritual aspects of dying
  • Provide medication and equipment to keep the patient comfortable
  • Teach family members to assist with the patient’s care
  • Transition the patient from home hospice care to inpatient hospice care if pain and symptoms become too difficult to manage or caregivers need respite time
  • Provide support and counseling to surviving family and friends

For any further questions or information, the patient or family may call Johnston Health Home Care and Hospice directly at 919-938-7582.


How do I start hospice care?
The patient or family may call Johnston Health Home Care and Hospice directly at 919-938-7582.

Can I contact home care and hospice on my own or do I need a referral?
We welcome all requests for service and will be happy to discuss your options.

Who pays for hospice?
Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance pays for hospice care. When you call for information, the hospice team will explain your benefits.

Where are hospice services available?
Hospice services are available wherever patients reside – private homes, inpatient hospice houses, nursing homes, or assisted living homes.

What if my loved one is in a lot of pain?
The hospice team works closely with patient and family or caregivers to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

What if I can’t cope or my loved one is too sick for me to handle?
The hospice team continually evaluates the condition of the patient and caregivers, both physically and emotionally. They stand ready to help make and support all necessary decisions and assist with arrangements for temporary or long-term transfers to hospitals or skilled nursing facilities such as our SECU Hospice House.

What if the patient is alone, without family?
Johnston Health Home Care and Hospice can help. Whether the patient is safely able to manage medications on their own, or if there is a responsible person to help, we will assist in exploring other options for care.