Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid banding is one of the leading medical treatment options for hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are a painful condition caused by arteries, nerves, tissues, and veins in the anal wall that can enlarge and prolapsed over time.  Hemorrhoids can cause bleeding, irritated or itchy skin, rectal pain, and general discomfort.

If hemorrhoids start to cause severe discomfort and pain, hemorrhoid banding is often the best treatment option. This procedure uses rubber bands to tie the hemorrhoid at its base and cut off the flow of blood.  This will cause the hemorrhoid to shrink, and after several days, fall off. This treatment is especially effective because it leaves a small scar that will deter future hemorrhoids from forming in the same spot.

Our physicians will work with you to make this procedure as comfortable as possible.  If the banding causes severe discomfort, the area can be numbed to relieve the pain.