Chest Pain Center Accreditation

Chest Pain Center AccreditationOur facilities in  Smithfield and Clayton have received Chest Pain Center accreditation from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, an international not-for-profit organization that focuses on transforming cardiovascular care by assisting facilities in their effort to create communities of excellence that bring together quality, cost and patient satisfaction.

Hospitals that have received SCPC accreditation have achieved a higher level of expertise in dealing with patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. They emphasize the importance of standardized diagnostic and treatment programs that provide more efficient and effective evaluation as well as more appropriate and rapid treatment of patients with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms.

Better Care

To become accredited Chest Pain Centers, our staff engaged in a rigorous evaluation by SCPC for their ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack.

To the community served by these two centers, this means that processes are in place that meet strict criteria aimed at:

  • Reducing the time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis treatment;
  • Treating patients more quickly during the critical window of time when the integrity of the heart muscle can be preserved;
  • Monitoring patients when it is not certain that they are having a heart attack to ensure that they are not sent home too quickly or needlessly admitted to the hospital.

Reduced Time

Saving time means saving heart muscle, and Johnston Health is consistently meeting or exceeding the national goals for times, which start as soon as patients arrive:

  • Door-to-EKG goal – 5 minutes
  • Door-to-door (transfer) – 30 minutes
  • Door-to-PCI (stenting) – 90 minutes

We are proud to know that through the hard work of our staff in receiving this accreditation, we are able to provide enhanced care for cardiac patients and ultimately, save more lives.