Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Services

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Services at Johnston Medical Center-Smithfield performs a variety of quality testing that helps your caregivers determine how well your heart, lungs, blood vessels and brain are working. Everyday, our highly trained and skilled technicians strive to provide you with  excellent service.

Tests performed in Cardiovascular Services

  • Cardiac catheterization 
    Creates x-ray movies of the heart’s chambers, valves and major blood vessels
  • Echocardiogram (Echo)
    Outlines heart movements and provides pictures of the valves, chambers and pumping action
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
    Records the electrical activity of the heart
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
    Records the electrical activity of the brain
  • Event Monitoring
    Records EKG when activated by the patient
  • Holter Monitoring
    Records EKG continuously for 24 hours
  • Pacemakers
    Send small electrical impulses to the heart muscle to maintain a suitable heart rate or to stimulate the lower chambers of the heart
  • Stress testing
    Provides information about how the heart responds to stress or exercise
  • Vascular studies
    Evaluate blood vessel blood flow and pressure

Tests performed in Pulmonary Services

  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT)
    Records how well the lungs are working
  • Bronchoscopy
    Allows the physician to look into your lungs
  • Arterial blood gases (ABG)
    Determines how much oxygen is in your blood
  • Breathing treatment
    Opens up the breathing tubes in your lungs and make it easier to breath
  • Sleep disorder testing
    Identifies various sleeping problems so they can be treated

CardioPulmonary Rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is a medically supervised program to help patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical, mental and social functioning. The goal is to stabilize, slow or even reverse the progression of cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.

How to make an appointment
Referral from a doctor is necessary for an appointment. If you do not have a doctor, please call and we will be happy to provide you with a list of doctors from which to choose. Your doctor’s office will then schedule an appointment for you.

Test results
We always provide your doctor with test results as soon as possible. Please ask your technologist about specific test result availability.

Cardiovascular Services – 919-938-7170
Pulmonary Services – 919-938-7289