Admissions and Treatment

Behavioral Health Services offers a variety of services to meet the mental health needs of our community including consultations, screenings, emergency services, and inpatient care.

Psychiatric Consultations

We provide psychiatric consultations to patients of all ages in the Emergency Department and medical units. Consultations are scheduled at the physician’s request if a patient is exhibiting signs of a behavioral health issue.

Behavioral Health Screenings

Screenings are performed for patients of all ages by skilled clinicians to assess psychiatric issues that an individual may be experiencing. Screenings are used to determine the level of care needed and services or placements that are appropriate.

Emergency Psychiatric Services

After a screening, emergency psychiatric services are provided as needed. Emergency psychiatric care can be required for patients exhibiting suicidal behavior, substance abuse, violence, or other situations that need immediate control.

Inpatient Admission and Treatment

The Behavioral Health Services inpatient unit provides around the clock observation and acute care treatment services to adults with psychiatric illnesses. We also provide detoxification for dually diagnosed substance abusers who require medical detoxification. Patients seeking admission to the inpatient unit must have medical clearance by a personal physician or through a Johnston Health Emergency Department.

Under the direction of a psychiatrist, an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals assesses the patient’s needs. Treatment begins with a physician assessment, followed by a nursing assessment, and assessments by multidisciplinary professionals such as therapists, spiritual care providers, and others. Assignments for treatment are then made according to the type of care required and the specific skills of staff members. Psychiatric nurses, social workers and activity therapists work together with patients and supportive family members to develop an individual treatment plan.

Length of patient stay is dependent upon resolution of the acute issues that brought the patient into our hospital. In many cases, patients leave after five days and follow up with after care. Co-existing medical conditions are managed by treating physicians and/or consultation with appropriate specialists.

Outpatient Psychiatric Follow-Up Services

An after care plan is established prior to discharge from inpatient services to optimize our patients’ success after leaving the hospital. Follow-up upon discharge may be performed by an outpatient mental health facility or by a provider of the patient’s choice. Many of our patients follow up with Alliance Health at Johnston County Mental Health next to our hospital in Smithfield. Referrals to community resources are made, as appropriate, to meet the patient’s individual needs after discharge.