Sandy Altman, Johnston Health Joint Center

“When I was in college I was in an automobile accident that severely damaged my knee. For years I struggled with different therapies, injections and medications trying to avoid more surgery.

It finally came down to bearing the discomfort or have knee replacement. My fear of surgery finally gave in to my fear of having my lifestyle and activities severely limited. One of the most difficult limitations was realizing I could no longer walk Doc and Ruby, my black and yellow labs.

I went back to my orthopedic surgeon associated with Johnston Health and told him I was ready to change things and get back to a fuller, pain-free life. He scheduled my surgery and I was enrolled in “A Joint Adventure” – a new program through the Johnston Health Joint Center.

The program I was told would not only look after me during surgery and recovery, it would help prepare me for all the steps ahead. Perhaps the biggest surprise was a pre-surgery class that was a part of the program. This was so very, very helpful in my preparation! It allowed me to see ahead of time the entire plan for my procedure – each step and how it would be handled. It was one plan designed for my success. It explained the surgery, it prepared me for the recovery and what to expect and how recovery and rehab would be addressed.

My surgery went great, as did post op and rehab. They handled my initial therapeutic rehab in-house.  Dedicated Joint Center rehab therapists are specifically trained to work with joint replacement patients. They were able to work with me immediately on how to approach and overcome the obstacles in front of me –  getting out of bed, walking, standing from a chair, steps, and stairs.

Their newly remodeled rehab room in the Joint Center in Smithfield now even has a new device to help them work with you on getting in and out of a car.

At discharge I was fully prepared to go home. My pain is gone. My therapeutic rehab at Johnston Health’s Rehab Center is on-going and helping me reach my goals. It is still hard work but the Joint Adventure program helped me go into it with realistic expectations and a great plan for achieving optimal results. I am already able to resume walking Doc and Ruby and going a little farther each day. I think they are just about as happy as I am.”

Sandy Altman
Clayton, NC

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