Melinda Gibson, Johnston Health Women’s Services

“Friends have asked why on Earth did I travel from Wake Forest to Clayton to have my baby delivered at Johnston Health. I tell them that after the wonderful care I had with my first delivery there, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!”

When my daughter Kennedy was born in 2016 we were living in the Clayton area and my OB-GYN had planned my delivery at the birthing center at Johnston Health’s Clayton hospital. When I went into labor and arrived at the hospital I had no idea what a wonderful, supportive experience I had ahead of me.

The most impactful part of the experience began immediately with the wonderful nursing staff. Primarily nurses who worked with me from the time I arrived. They made me feel like I had very close friends taking care of me and one of them stayed with me from start to finish. We actually became friends and have stayed in touch.

The labor and delivery rooms were huge and comfortable, there was even an actual fold down Murphy bed for my husband or a family member to stay with me. Everything went so very well. Every aspect of care for me and Kennedy was beyond my expectations.

Two years later, when I was expecting our next child we were living in Wake Forest, but my husband and I both agreed that we wanted our child delivered at Johnston Health Clayton. Friends couldn’t believe that we were choosing to drive almost 45 minutes, past at least three major hospitals in Raleigh, to Clayton for our delivery. I told them that after the wonderful experience we had in Clayton there was no where else I would consider going.

As my labor started and we called my doctor to alert him, I wondered if my previous nurses would be at the hospital. Amazingly one of my nurses called me from Johnston Health Clayton to confirm that I was on my way. She was there to meet me when I arrived.

We were anticipating a normal delivery as with Kennedy, but after 24 hours without delivery the decision was made to go with a c-section. My other nurse came on my second day to work with me during my labor and also assisted with the c-section.

That day was her day off but she still came in to check on me and the baby.

Immediately following the c-section I came to appreciate the advantages of Johnston Health’s partnership with UNC Health Care. As her nurse was bathing Adalynn, my new baby girl, she spotted a condition which, while they assured me was not uncommon or dangerous, would require a neonatal specialist and eventually corrective surgery at their sister hospital, UNC REX in Raleigh. They made arrangements for that to be done and took a lot of time to teach me how to take care of Adalynn’s condition until she was old enough to have surgery to repair it.

Meanwhile my husband needed to go home and take care of Kennedy. He told me that he was not worried about leaving because of where I was and the fact that he knew I would be well cared for in his absence. He was so right. Everyone – from the nurses to the an anesthesiologist was so kind and supportive. Even the folks from the food service were especially pleasant and attentive when they came by to take my food order and would ask if I needed them to check on anything else when they came by to deliver meals.

Three months later Adalynn was admitted to UNC REX for surgery to repair the issue with her digestive system. Just as with Johnston Health Clayton, everything with her surgery went perfectly. We are home and healthy and so very thankful for the excellent care we received once again from Johnston Health Clayton and the extended UNC Health Care family. As I have told others – we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Melinda Gibson and her daughters Kennedy & Adalynn
Wake Forest, NC

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