Preadmissions Testing (PAT)

We get you ready.

Our purpose is to successfully prepare you physically, psychologically and cognitively for planned surgical or other outpatient procedures such as cardiac catheterization, lithotripsy, pacemaker insertion, endoscopy procedures requiring anesthesia standby, cardioversions, or minor procedures.

What you can expect
During a preadmission testing visit, you can expect to be assessed and asked a variety of questions concerning your medical history, surgical history, physical condition, current medical condition, medications, treatments, and allergies through an interview process with one of our preadmission testing nurses. In addition, a separate interview will be conducted with one of the hospital anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists. You can also expect the nursing staff and technicians to carry out your physician’s or surgeon’s orders for tests including lab, EKG and radiology. Finally, we take time to educate you and/or your significant other about the planned surgery/procedure, hospital routines and protocols, preps, anticipated procedure times and length of stay, anticipated postoperative/post procedure care and routines. Following your preadmission visit, the nurses will assemble a chart with all your personal information and forward it to the appropriate department in anticipation of your surgery/procedure. The average Preadmission Testing visit varies from 30 minutes to 1-hour, depending on the age and physical condition of the patient, and the number of physician orders that must be completed.

Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.  for scheduled appointments.