Media and Entertainment

We want patients and visitors to feel at home when they are in our facilities. We provide a variety of media and entertainment options to keep families occupied.

Books and Magazines – The gift shop, located near the main entrance of Johnston Medical Center – Smithfield, carries a selection of puzzle books, coloring books, and used books (both paperback and hardback). The library, located on the first floor of the main patient tower in Smithfield, also has books, periodicals, CDs, and DVDs.

Newspapers – Newspaper stands are located at the main entrances of all facilities. Some newspapers may also be available at the front desk in Smithfield. All newspapers are free to the public.

Television – Each patient room is equipped with a television free of charge with local and cable broadcasting channels. There are also televisions available for visitors in the waiting lobbies. Please be considerate of other patients when adjusting any TV.