Nutrition Services

HealthQuest provides nutrition counseling to assess an individual’s health needs in regard to diet and exercise. A licensed dietician can help you set achievable goals and teach ways to maintain those goals throughout your lifetime. Sessions are available to members and non-members. Through nutrition counseling, you can learn:

  • Ways to achieve weight loss or gain
  • How to prevent, manage, and treat certain diseases
  • Skills for eating appropriately before and after bariatric surgery
  • How to address age-specific needs
  • Tips for healthy eating on a budget
  • Tips for healthy eating with a busy lifestyle
  • Meal planning for individuals or families
  • Motivation techniques for following a good nutrition plan
  • Diet changes to improve your physical and mental energy level
  • How to strengthen your immune system through good nutrition

Participants will start with a one-hour nutrition assessment, and can then purchase any number of follow-up sessions.

Nutrition Assessment

Member: $45
Non-Member: $65

Follow-Up Sessions

Sessions Member Price Non-Member Price
1 One Hour $45 $55
3 One Hour $120 $150
6 One Hour $225 $250
12 One Hour $408 $480
1 Half Hour $30 $40
3 Half Hour $85 $105
6 Half Hour $150 $185
12 Half Hour $270 $320