Why Give?

By donating to the Foundation, you can make a difference in the lives of patients who might not be able to receive the care they need without your help. All donations ultimately enhance the quality of care that we can provide to our patients and their families. Your donation can help pay for:

  • Equipment purchases
  • Capital improvements
  • Patient needs
  • Expansion of services

While we have always depended on community support, the need for financial assistance is growing more urgent due to changes in health care and a growing population of uninsured and underinsured in Johnston County.

Health Care Changes

Shrinking reimbursements from state, federal and private health plans have intensified the need for hospital foundations. According to the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, more than one-third of hospitals are operating in the red and another third are barely breaking even. Those that are turning a profit are running two percent to three percent profit margins. As health care reimbursements continue to drop, competing costs of labor, medications and technology continue to increase, making more difficult than ever for patients to receive affordable care.

More Uninsured Patients

As Johnston County’s population has increased, so has its uninsured. With the US Census Bureau forecasting a 39% growth rate, the number of uninsured in our county could potentially grow to from 32,000 to 50,000 by 2019.

Johnston Health provides $156,000 of uncompensated care each day, which is over $57 million each year.

Government Insured Patients

Johnston Health is a rural community hospital that provides services to a large portion of Medicare and Medicaid patients. 30% of patients at our Clayton facility and 60% of patients at our Smithfield facility are on government-funded programs. This is in addition to those patients we serve who have no insurance. The decrease in reimbursements for these programs over the years has made the foundation more important to maintaining and increasing services at our community hospital.