The Face of a Champion


Stella Moody, a 70 year old retiree of Clayton, enjoys cooking and entertaining her family and friends. “How can you love that lifestyle and not have weight battles?” said Stella. She added, “Food has been a source of comfort for all occasions, including a divorce and relocation to different parts of the country.”

While living alone, Stella said food became her friend and her usual friends visited regularly: fried chicken, fried fish, French fries, hushpuppies, and her best friend “no portion control.” In addition to frequent visits to Chick-fil-a and Bojangles, Stella also adapted a sedentary lifestyle.

She recalled, “Painful joints and knees, plus weight gain began to take its toll on my life and emotions. I worried about living alone and began asking myself what will happen when I can’t walk downstairs with these bad knees to cook my meals or travel to the drive-thru.  Who would take care of me when all of my family lives out of state?”

Stella says she had two conversations, one with herself and one with God. Later that day, she found a newspaper ad for a weight loss and exercise community for people with arthritis. Fellow participants and staff associated with the group provided encouragement and information about nutrition and exercise, leading Stella to walking and strength training.

In early 2018, Stella set a goal to complete seven 10K races in honor of turning 70 in October. She completed her first 10K in April – the Champions 10K.

To date, she has completed three 5K races and one 10K race. Along the way, she has lost 44 pounds.

“I am proud of my accomplishments and very thankful to God and the support He provided through people just like me, struggling to avoid diseases and striving to regain a healthier lifestyle,” she said. “It is a lifestyle change of eating well, enjoying healthy food, holding yourself accountable for your success and finding new things and new people just like you to keep you motivated and moving.”

“My health is at the end of my fork and my success is on the road I walk.”

Join us April 19 for the Champions 5K/10K.

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