Lamaze Class- Clayton

The Lamaze method of childbirth promotes a philosophy of personal empowerment while providing general childbirth education. Our Lamaze childbirth class teaches expectant mothers many ways to work with the labor process to reduce the pain associated with childbirth and promote normal (physiological) birth including the first moments after birth. Techniques include allowing labor to begin on its own, movement and positions, massage, aromatherapy, hot and cold packs, informed consent and informed refusal, breathing techniques, the use of a “birth ball” (yoga or exercise ball), spontaneous pushing, upright positions for labor and birth, breastfeeding techniques, and keeping mother and baby together after childbirth.

This is a two-part class with sessions on two Saturdays, every other month . Participants will need to attend both classes in the same month.

Please contact the Johnston Health Education Department at 919-938-7736 to register.

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