Students and Teachers

Ages Served

The Early Learning Center can accommodate children six weeks to five years of age.  Children will be placed in one of the following classrooms: infants, toddlers, two-year-olds, three-year-olds, and four- and five-year-olds.  All of our classrooms have low teacher-to-child ratios to allow plenty of one-on-one time.


All of our experienced teachers have degrees in early childhood education and participate in ongoing education and training. The center specializes in low teacher-to-child ratios which are essential in ensuring quality interactions on a daily basis. Each teacher has their North Carolina Professional Certification which is an acknowledgement of an individual’s level of educational achievement.   Each is certified in CPR and First Aid.  The center meets the North Carolina Voluntary Enhanced Standards for staff, ratios and quality,  which are essential in ensuring quality interactions on a daily basis.

Executive Director Helen Patterson has 28 years of experience in early childhood development and oversees all aspects of the program. In addition to the following certifications, she has also been appointed to the North Carolina Advanc-Ed Committee to review and establish guidelines for Southern Association for Early Education:

  • Professional Certification Level 11
  • Administrator Endorsement Level 4
  • Professional Development Endorsement 11

“We make a difference in the lives of children each day,” she says. “A young mind should always be challenged and it is very important to start teaching children early.”