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In addition to uninsured and under-insured patients, the Patient Assistance fund also serves behavioral health, diabetes and wound patients.

“We are fortunate to share that many of our patients are recipients of the Patient Assistant Fund.  Our Treatment Team utilizes every discernable resource to assist our patients to be successful when leaving our facility.  Sometimes, there is no way for a patient to afford the medications that stabilized their psychiatric emergency.  The PAF has provided us the ability to purchase these medications from our pharmacy to sustain our patient until they meet with their aftercare provider.  We make a point to develop an aftercare plan that safely coordinates the long term access to the medication we discharge a patient on with the follow up providers.  Our Treatment Team is grateful to have the Patient Assistance Fund as our resource for patients who are truly in need.”

Shelly L. Malone, MSN, RN-BC
Director, Behavioral Health Services

“The Johnston Health Therapeutic Wound Center has a great reputation for healing wounds and saving limbs.  However, for some patients, being able to afford the necessary dressings and supplies for treatment may be financially difficult.  Wound care supplies can be costly, especially when someone is already struggling to pay bills.  We see patients at times that have applied for financial assistance but are waiting.  In the meantime, they have a wound that needs to be treated.  Many are brittle diabetics that can worsen quickly.  Without proper treatment, a wound can worsen, become infected and in some cases the patient can become septic.  Worse case scenario, without proper therapy, if patients don’t continue treatment, it can lead to amputation.  Now, with the Patient Assistance Fund, we have something to offer these patients that just can’t afford their supplies.  We can make sure they have what they need when they leave the Wound Center to properly treat their wound.  This is going to be a great benefit to patients that would not have an option otherwise.”

Angela Fortson
Director, Wound  Center

“Over 3000 Johnston County residents have enrolled in Project Access and received health care services from Johnston Health and community providers.  Being able to access needed medical care is an integral part for improved health and medications play an important role as well.  Insulin can be costly, especially for a diabetic patient that has little or no income. Many patients rely on friends and family to assist with their medical needs. A benefit of being enrolled in Project Access is access to free medications through medication assistance programs.

Now with the Patient Assistance Fund, Project Access diabetic patients can get for free their first 30-60 days of insulin along with diabetic supplies, while waiting for approval from drug companies.   Many patients have already received the benefit of this valuable fund and are so very thankful for this gift.  The staff at Project Access are very grateful to be able to offer this to our Diabetic patients.   Thank you so much!”

Georgia Anthony
Director, Project Access

If you would like to help patients in Johnston County, please consider making a donation today.

Donate Now

You may also mail a cash donation or check, made out to the Johnston Health Foundation, to:

Johnston Health Foundation
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Attn: Patient Assistance Fund