Health Chats

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Past Health Chats


Gregory Tayrose, MD & Aaron Leininger, MD – Osteoarthritis and Treatments
Louisa Sherrill, Registered Dietician – In Defense of CARBS


Kimetha Fulwood – Smoking Cessation
Dennis Koffer, MD – Five Wishes Program
Douglas Fein, MD & Marvaretta Stevenson, MD – Screening Offer Hope for Lungs


Nicole Collins, MD – Recognizing Dementia: Signs and Symptoms
Jodi Bailey, MD – From Puberty to Menopause: A Look at What’s Important in Women’s Health
Matthew A. Hook, MD – Heart Health and Peripheral Artery Disease
Anshul Rao, MD – What is a Rheumatologist?


Raj Majithia, MD – An Hour Inside the Gut
Kumari D. Verghese, MD – Behavioral Health
Marc S. Stevens, MD – Bone and Joint Health: Nutritional and Surgical Treatment