Health Chats

Seasonal Speaker Series by the Johnston Health Medical Staff

Thank you to everyone who attended our latest Health Chat on Living with Heart Failure. Please stay tuned for details on our next presentation.

Past Health Chats


Gregory Tayrose, MD & Aaron Leininger, MD – Osteoarthritis and Treatments
Louisa Sherrill, Registered Dietician – In Defense of CARBS


Kimetha Fulwood – Smoking Cessation
Dennis Koffer, MD – Five Wishes Program
Douglas Fein, MD & Marvaretta Stevenson, MD – Screening Offer Hope for Lungs


Nicole Collins, MD – Recognizing Dementia: Signs and Symptoms
Jodi Bailey, MD – From Puberty to Menopause: A Look at What’s Important in Women’s Health
Matthew A. Hook, MD – Heart Health and Peripheral Artery Disease
Anshul Rao, MD – What is a Rheumatologist?


Raj Majithia, MD – An Hour Inside the Gut
Kumari D. Verghese, MD – Behavioral Health
Marc S. Stevens, MD – Bone and Joint Health: Nutritional and Surgical Treatment