Customer Service

Excellent customer service is an integral component of everything we do at Johnston Health. This includes service to patients, families, visitors, volunteers and fellow employees.

Our Statement of Excellence

We, the employees of Johnston Health, expect every patient’s visit to be a positive, healing experience.

As representatives of Johnston Health, we expect that all members of the health care team demonstrate a total commitment to excellence in every task, activity and endeavor.

We further expect that every team member hold himself or herself personally accountable to achieve and maintain excellence throughout the organization, and to recognize that every member of our team, regardless of position, contributes to this important cause.

Our Standards of Behavior

H – We are HONEST and reliable in everything we do
E – We provide EXCELLENCE in care, service, and safety
A – We demonstrate professionalism in our APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOR, and ATTITUDE
L – We LISTEN and COMMUNICATE effectively
T – We can be TRUSTED in everything we do
H – We will HOLD ourselves accountable