Our heroes don’t wear capes- Doctors’ Day is March 30th

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For National Doctors’ Day, Johnston Health would like to recognize the doctors on our medical staff providing care in our hospitals and practices across the county. Their expertise, dedication and commitment shine through to help save the day, every day. On Friday, please take a moment to thank a doctor that’s provided you excellent care.

Our staff were recently asked who their favorite doctor was and what qualities they have that they admire? Below are a few of their answers.

We have a lot of emergency situations in labor and delivery, and Dr. Brandon Woodard handles these so smoothly. He is always so calm and collected, which helps put the patient, family and even the nurses at ease.
Amy Simpson, RN

Dr. Mark Bowling and I worked together years ago at the clinics that were owned by the hospital. He is now one of the primary care physicians with UNCPN in Clayton. He has a great bedside manner and working relationship with the staff. He is down to earth, and keeps it real. He provides excellent patient care.
Robin Schwartz, IT business analyst

Prior to working in the emergency department, I was a floor nurse for eight years. Dr. Devang Gujarathi was one of the hospitalists I always felt comfortable approaching. He’s great with answering questions. He’s willing to help you learn. He doesn’t mind answering the “why” questions, and explaining processes for procedures.  He has a wonderful bedside manner.
Elizabeth Robertson, RN

I have three favorite doctors. Dr. Cary Bizzell, a radiologist, is passionate about the early prevention of cancer. He was a natural fit to lead our campaign for the 3D mammography systems. Dr. Eric Janis, a cardiologist, gives a lot back to the community. Last year, he launched our heart fund, and a few years earlier, led the campaign to equip our cath lab. In his work at the SECU Hospice House, Dr. Dennis Koffer is passionate about helping patients and sharing information about hospice with our community. He and his wife, Gayle, are volunteers at our fundraising events.
Sol Halliburton, director of the Johnston Health Foundation

If I had to choose just one favorite, it would be Dr. Rick Alioto, an orthopedic surgeon who is so relatable. He is informative with his patients, respectful to his staff, and he employs a great physician assistant, Chetan Kapat. Together they make a great team, and provide great care to our patients in the community!
Lisa Williamson, RN, OR

Dr. John Adams is caring and always willing to listen. He goes the extra mile without enough recognition!
Jessica Toole, RN, peer review nurse

Dr. Daree Russell is always approachable, pleasant and friendly.  She takes the time to listen to staff, patients and families. She is open to professional input, and usually seeks it out. She spends time with patients and families, answers questions and provides support. She is extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic doctor!
Jennifer Kraus, speech language pathologist

Dr. Pamela Blakely is a caring, compassionate hospitalist who always has the patient’s best interest. She takes the time to find out what’s going on with a patient’s health. She listens to our concerns and findings. When we have a patient who passes on from this world, Dr. Blakely truly takes the loss to heart. I feel honored to work alongside her.
Dawn Simone, RN, ICU

Dr. John Adams is the director of our hospitalist service. He takes time to listen in order to understand the needs from both the staff and patients’ perspective. He does what he can to engage his team to be supportive in order to create a safer place for our patients.
Christy C. Davis, Operational Excellence improvement advisor

I like Dr. Kimberly Willis because she is spunky, down to earth and compassionate yet straightforward with her patients. These are all qualities I would want to have in my hospital physician. I also love that she takes the time to dress up and wear heels to work.
Kelli Wallace, registered dietitian

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