Happy Labor Day from Johnston Health!

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Happy Labor Day!

Birthing suite with Mom & NurseOne of the most arduous and beautiful labors in the world is the work of bringing a new person into the world. Today we want to honor the labors of love we get to see in our Women’s Centers every day.

Here are two short stories to get us started, one from a brand new mother, Amanda Bass, and one from one of our wonderful L&D nurses, Nicole Windstead.

“Nothing about my labor went exactly as I expected, but that’s the beauty of it. Everything was surprising: from how it actually felt to deliver my son, to how quickly it all happened. But the thing that surprised me the most was when I first heard him cry. That’s when I cried for the first time, too. I knew he was okay and that we had done it.

The thing that made my birth story so special was being able to share it with the person who brought me into the world and my significant other. The amount of support I’ve received from those two alone has been a blessing. And that’s the word I’d use to describe my “Labor Day” story: blessed.

My favorite thing about delivering at Johnston Health has definitely been the staff. In the two days that I have been here, every staff member you can think of has checked in, been so accommodating, and made sure I had everything I need. I appreciate that.”
-Amanda Bass

“Becoming a labor and delivery nurse was something I always wanted to do. When I got the opportunity at Johnston Health, I jumped on it and knew right away it was the place for me. I’m happy to come to work in the morning: I get to experience and help make possible the joy of motherhood for these women. Becoming a mother was the greatest accomplishment for me and I love seeing these women experience the same thing. Getting to experience the joy of childbirth with my patients, that’s the best part of my job. It’s the happiest day for them.

I’m proud to work at a community hospital where I see familiar faces and get to positively impact their health and wellbeing.”
-Nicole Windstead, RN

We’re celebrating labors of love on our Facebook page today. Will you share your “Labor Day” experience with us? What made it special? What was surprising about it? What will you never forget? (Share here.)

We are so proud and grateful to be able to serve the families of Johnston County as they grow their families. Happy Labor Day!

For more information about the Women’s Centers in Smithfield and Clayton, click here.

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