Johnston County, Born & Raised

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Johnston County Born & RaisedJohnston County Raised…

When you’re from somewhere, it shows. You talk about your home and your eyes light up. You know every back road, and everybody’s cousin. You can see where you’re going, because you know exactly where you’ve been.

For almost 200,000 people, home is Johnston County. People from all over North Carolina know JoCo for a few reasons — Ava Gardner was born here, for one, as was the “king of moonshine,” Percy Flowers. Everyone loves Carolina Premium Outlets and Eastern style barbecue. But how do you know you’re from Johnston County, and not just passing through?

1. You know we have the best barbecue in North Carolina.

Yes, that means Eastern style. (Which is, of course, the only kind.) You can find great barbecue joints all over Johnston County, from Holt Lake to White Swan to Smithfield’s Chicken N’ Bar-B-Q. We aren’t picky about the restaurant as long as we have a side of slaw, some hushpuppies and a glass of sweet tea to top it off.

2. Friday nights in the fall are reserved for high school football.

Whether you’re Clayton Comet or a Triple S Spartan, Friday night football games are on your calendar. Growing up, they were probably the highlight of your week, and now you enjoy them with your own family.

3. You aren’t surprised to see horses in the drive-thrus during Benson Mule Days.

On the fourth weekend in September, 40,000-50,000 people come to Benson for a rodeo, great music, parades, and general camaraderie at Benson Mule Days. So if you’re traveling in the area, just be sure to share the road with the horses and mules.

 4. Someone in your family graduated from JCC.

If you were raised here, you know you don’t have to travel far to find a good school. Johnston Community College has educated generations of students, and chances are, you know one of those people.

 5. You’ve wondered why people continue to go all the way to Wake County to give birth.

Okay, so maybe this last one mostly applies to prospective or expecting parents, but still: if you’re going to be raised in Johnston County, why not be born there, as well? Parents often head to Wake County to give birth. But they don’t have to.

…and Johnston County Born

Johnston Health now has two labor and delivery centers located in Smithfield and Clayton. Our new Women’s Center in Clayton is a full-service birthing center focused on the woman’s experience. If you’re a Johnston County mom who wants to raise a Johnston County kid, imagine a place where:

  • No one will try to move you from room to room right after your baby is born; all delivery rooms are recovery rooms, as well.
  • There are iPod docks for your personal playlists, 32-inch flat screen TVs, tub suites, and room service.
  • Murphy beds pull down to allow your friends and family to stay in the room during the whole labor, and get the sleep that you’re not getting — lucky for them!

The Center is located right off the Clayton Bypass, so your family can come from miles around to hang out, wait for news, and then ooh and ahh over your new little one in the nursery. You don’t have to leave your support network behind as you start the birthing experience — stay near home, so they can stay near you.

Tell us: What was your favorite part of being raised in Johnston County? Leave a comment (or three), and we’ll share our favorites on Facebook this week! You can join the fun using the hashtag #JoCoBornAndRaised.

(You can find more information about the Women’s Center in Clayton and Women’s Pavilion in Smithfield here.)

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