Art for Hope Campaign: Donor Spotlight

Posted Aug 18, 2014 | Posted in News & Events

Jim JenkinsJohnston Health Foundation board member Jim Jenkins has given to the Art for Hope Campaign because he believes that patients battling cancer should receive care in an environment that promotes healing.

“My father passed away from spinal cancer when he was 46 years old, and from that experience I learned that it’s important to make sure that the surroundings where patients are receiving treatments are soothing and inviting,” Jenkins says.

Back then, children weren’t allowed inside hospitals. So the elder Jenkins would wave to his grandson from the window of his room. Since then, hospitals have come a long way, and Jenkins wants to be a part of making hospitals and other treatment areas better for patients.

In addition to serving on the foundation board, Jenkins is also a member of the Johnston Health board of directors. “I love this hospital, and I care about the patients who are here each and every day,” he says.

The Art for Hope Campaign is a project of the Johnston Health Foundation. The money raised will go toward brightening up the environment at Johnston Health Hematology & Oncology in advance of a nutrition and wellness program for patients. The project will include new paint colors, local artwork for the waiting and treatment areas, and furnishings to complement the wellness program beginning in January.

Jenkins was also the chair of the capital campaign that raised $4.5 million to build the SECU Hospice House of Johnston Health in 2010. He believes in projects that help improve the programs and services of Johnston Health.

Jenkins has challenged his friends, family and fellow community members to give to the Art for Hope Campaign. Take a moment and make a donation online today.

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