Healthy Twists on Classic Southern Foods

Posted Apr 8, 2014 | Posted in Fitness & Nutrition

In the South, there are many traditional foods that we all love to enjoy.  Some favorites might includes fried chicken, ribs, BBQ, creamy casseroles, potato salad, baked macaroni and cheese – pretty much anything that will send your blood pressure through the roof. But with a few changes, you can enjoy a “lighter” version of these dishes without having to skimp on the flavor! Here are some healthy twists on classic southern foods.

Healthy Twists on Classic Southern Foods
Next time you’re cooking think about using some of these healthy tips:

  • Use low-fat milk and Greek yogurt for a lighter creamy sauce
  • Use crushed corn flakes to make a baked “fried” chicken
  • Choose ground turkey instead of beef
  • For a lighter mac ‘n’ cheese, use sharp cheddar and Parmesan mixed with a cauliflower puree
  • Use whole wheat pasta or even a zucchini pasta noodle
  • Choose a “low-fat” option, if available
  • Try to add in vegetables anywhere you can,  for example in meatloaf or a sauce
  • Have sweet potato fries instead of traditional potato fries
  • Use an egg substitute
  • Finely chopped ingredients will give you more flavor and distribute evenly
  • When you need to use oil, try to use canola oil

For some tasty and healthy southern classics check what Southern Living has to offer. 

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