Should You Get A Prostate Cancer Screening?

Posted Sep 16, 2013 | Posted in Diseases & Treatments

On Wednesday, September 18, Johnston Health will be conducting prostate screenings at the Medical Arts Pavilion in Smithfield.  The cost is $15, payable by cash or check. Call 919-938-7736 to schedule an appointment, or click here for more information. 

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for men in the U.S.  Screenings can help identify prostate cancer in its early stages, before a person might start feeling or showing any symptoms.  When caught early, it is much easier to treat prostate cancer and much more likely that a patient will make a full recovery.

It is generally recommended that men start prostate screenings at age 45.  Screenings may be recommended to start earlier for men with certain risk factors, including:

  • Family history of prostate cancer
  • African American men
  • Men with a BMI over 32.5%
View the infographic below for all the facts on prostate cancer:

Prostate Cancer Infographic

There are differing opinions on the health care industry about the necessity of prostate screenings.  Screenings are not 100% accurate – sometimes screenings can miss cancer, or sometimes they can find something suspicious that turns out to be nothing.  You should talk to your doctor and make an informed decision about whether a prostate screening is right for you.

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