How Hospital Budget Cuts Affect Your Healthcare

Posted May 9, 2013 | Posted in News & Events

There are 110 community hospitals throughout North Carolina that work all day, every day to provide the best possible healthcare for their communities.  With recent hospital budget cuts for Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, it is becoming harder for hospitals to provide affordable and accessible care. We need financially healthy hospitals if we want to have healthy communities, but the harsh economic realities that many hospitals are starting to face will cause some serious changes in the way healthcare is provided.

469803635How Will Hospital Budget Cuts Impact Me?

  • Jobs – Hospitals provide 10% of North Carolina’s jobs.  Chances are, you or someone you know works in a hospital. It is estimated that these hospital budget cuts will require the elimination of 18,000 jobs, or 1 in every 10 hospital jobs.
  • Services – Hospital budget cuts will also require the elimination of essential services.  Hospitals may not be able to afford services that provide little or no revenue such as behavioral health, diabetes care, obstetrics, and chronic disease management.  It will become harder to have access to and afford these essential services.
  • Economy – Every hospital community will endure a significant loss of jobs. Some hospitals will need to close, and that will discourage new businesses from developing in that community and new residents from moving to that community.

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What Can I Do To Help?

Spread the word. We need to educate our community on how hospital budget cuts will affect everyone, not just those who work in the industry.  The North Carolina Hospital Association provides valuable tools to help educate and spread the message through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their website. Sign up now to take action and ask your legislature to make community hospitals their top priority.

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