10 Benefits of Swimming For Youth

Posted May 24, 2013 | Posted in Fitness & Nutrition

Being healthy and active is so important for children, and swimming is an excellent way for children of all abilities to stay active and learn valuable skills.  Children can typically start taking formal swim lessons around age 4, but prior to that they can still benefit from just being in the water with adult supervision. The following are some benefits of swimming for youth:

Swim LessonsBenefits of Swimming

  1. Can be either an individual or a team sport
  2. Something that children can continue to do for the rest of their lives
  3. Very few injuries sustained from swimming when compared to other youth sports
  4. Provides a fun and challenging way to help children stay fit
  5. Teaches important safety skills to prevent drowning, which is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death among youth
  6. Provides cardiovascular activity that promotes heart and lung health
  7. Improves stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and posture
  8. Helps prevent childhood obesity, which is an increasing health problem, and that in turn can help prevent juvenile diabetes
  9. It is a mental exercise that can help improve emotional health and well-being
  10. It is easier for children with disabilities or medical conditions that might prevent them from participating in other youth sports

HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center of Johnston Health offers swim lessons for all ages and several swim team options for youth and teens.  We are dedicated to helping children and teens enjoy all the benefits of swimming, whether it is through private lessons, group lessons, or participation on a swim team.

Recently, the HealthQuest Goldsharks finished a great season with their first ever appearance at the US YMCA Short Course Nationals in Greensboro, where Dalton Langston qualified in the Boys’ 200 yard Freestyle Relay.  The swim team also succeeded in getting six swimmers to qualify for the YMCA Upper Southeast Regional Championship in Rock Hill, SC, where many of them achieved personal records. The members in attendance included:

Children SwimmingQualified Swimmers

Sophia Torres, Jeff Salhoff, Walter Karstens, Ryan Fitzhugh

Top 5 Finishes

Dalton Langston: second in the 13-14 Boys’ 50 yard Freestyle, fifth in the 200 yard Butterfly, second in the 100 yard Butterfly, fifth in the 100 yard Freestyle, and fourth in the 200 yard Individual Medley

Mitchell Langston: first in the 11-12 Boys’ 100 yard Freestyle, fifth in the 100 yard Backstroke, first in the 50 yard Backstroke, fourth in the 100 yard Butterfly, second in the 50 yard Freestyle, and third in the 50 yard Butterfly

In addition to having such a successful season in the water, HealthQuest also hit season highs in having 37 youth swimmers participate in team events and having nine swimmers on the Masters swim team.

HealthQuest can help your children enjoy the benefits of swimming. To learn more, visit our website or call 919-938-7581.

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  1. My sister has been trying to convince me for a while now about getting a swimming pool constructed on our property. Of course, since I am following a strict budget, I will not consider anything that will not benefit us in any way. It was great that I came across this article because I learned that swimming can actually help prevent childhood obesity which is like you said, an increasing health problem in children nowadays. I guess getting a pool really is worth it, especially for our chubby little brother. Thank you for sharing.

  2. wonderful! thank you for this article! can we have your permission to use the 10 benefits of swimming?

  3. That’s a good point that swimming can be a team activity. That’s important for the social development of kids. Maybe I’ll get a pool this summer and get them into swimming.

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