Hyperbaric Chambers: How Oxygen Can Heal You

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What are hyperbaric chambers? At first sight, they can appear daunting, but hyperbaric chambers can provide effective and fast treatment for a variety of conditions.  During hyperbaric therapy, the patient is placed in a sealed chamber that is filled with nothing but pure oxygen.  The pressure in hyperbaric chambers is three times the normal atmospheric pressure, so the oxygen can penetrate the body more quickly.  This high concentration of oxygen promotes blood vessel formation, increases oxygen flow to damaged tissues, reduces swelling, allows the body to kill germs, and promotes healing.

Angela Fortson, director of the Johnston Therapeutic Wound Center, talks about the benefits of hyperbaric therapy, specifically for diabetes patients suffering from wounds.

While hyperbaric chambers can be particularly helpful to diabetes patients, there are also several other conditions that can be helped and healed by hyperbaric therapy.

Air or Gas Embolism: This occurs when gas bubbles enter the blood vessels and obstruct blood flow.  This is most commonly the result of a diving accident.  Hyperbaric treatment helps restore blood flow and oxygen supply to vital organs.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Hyperbaric treatment quickly clears carbon monoxide from the body and reduces the risk of long-term neurological complications.

Crush Injuries:  When legs or arms are severely traumatized, hyperbaric treatment can be used to restore blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and damaged tissue.

Decompression Sickness: When divers stay underwater too long or resurface too quickly, nitrogen bubbles can form in tissue and cause numbness, joint pain, and tingling.  Hyperbaric treatment compresses and resorbs these bubbles.

Anemia: If a person is severely anemic, their red blood cells will not carry enough oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs.  The usual treatment is a blood transfusion, but hyperbaric treatment can be used to raise blood and tissue oxygen levels while waiting for a transfusion.

Thermal Burns: Hyperbaric therapy can be used to limit the extent of injury caused by a burn and reduce the amount of surgery needed to remove the affected tissue.

To learn how the Johnston Therapeutic Wound Center can help heal you, call 919-938-7716 or visit our website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the piece of content with us. I think you hve just missed the fact that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used in autism treatment too. In these chambers, oxygen in high pressure helps the cells to reduce their stress and thus the autistic patients get some reliefs.

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