5 Healthy Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Posted Dec 19, 2012 | Posted in Health & Wellness

Are you struggling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family?  During the holidays, almost everyone has health and fitness on their minds. Here are some ideas for healthy gifts for everyone on your list.

Healthy Gifts for Fitness Gurus

Do you have a friend or relative who would love a healthy gift but already has everything? People who work out regularly or play sports most likely have all of the equipment that they need.  If you want to give a gift that will honor their love of fitness, consider giving them lessons or classes in something that they haven’t tried yet.  If someone is truly into fitness, then they will enjoy anything that gives them a good workout. Even if they don’t stick with it long-term, trying out ballroom dancing, skiing, or martial arts will add variety to their usual routine and give them a fun, new experience.

464822319Healthy Gifts for Fitness Beginners

If you have a friend or relative who is new to the world of working out, some basic fitness gear could be the perfect healthy gift. If you’re shopping for someone who would prefer to work out at home, there are many workout sets that are ideal for beginners. Most include some combination of a yoga mat, hand weights, medicine ball, stability ball, exercise bands and a towel. For someone who would prefer to work out at a gym, consider giving them some essential gym gear such as an armband for their iPod or a water bottle, and include a few sessions with a personal trainer so they have guidance on how to start the best fitness routine.

Healthy Gifts for Retirees

It is more important than ever for aging adults to stay healthy and fit.  There are several gifts that you can get the health-conscious retiree in your life. An at-home yoga or Pilates fitness kit with instructional DVDs is a great gift to help them get a low-impact workout without having to leave home. A pedometer is also a great gift. Walking provides a good workout and tracking steps can encourage someone to set and meet a goal. While it is important for retirees to stay physically fit, “brain fitness” is also important, so consider gifts such as books, puzzles or games will help keep their minds sharp. 

Healthy Gifts for Busy Bees

If you know someone who wants to get healthier this year but doesn’t have the time, consider giving them one or all of these gifts to improve their overall health. You can find several workout DVDs with a variety of 10-minute workouts.  This is perfect for someone with a busy schedule. All they need to do is wake up 10 minutes earlier, and they can fit in a workout every day. A busy schedule can also make it hard to eat nutritious food, so give them snack bars, smoothie mix, or other healthy items that are quick and easy to take on the go.  Lack of sleep is another unhealthy outcome of a busy schedule, so give them a sleeping mask, sound machine, essential oils, or anything else that could help them get a good night’s sleep.

450537285Healthy Gifts for Dieters

For someone who wants to improve their eating habits rather than their fitness routine, there are several options for healthy gifts. Having a healthier diet usually includes eating out less and cooking more often at home, so a cookbook will be helpful for someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time in the kitchen. A gift basket of basic organic ingredients such as olive oil, spices, honey and vinegar will give someone the foundation to start cooking tasty, homemade meals. You can also give a gift card to a local farmers market or a membership in a community agriculture program so your recipient will have access to fresh, local produce.

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