Honor a Loved One With a Gift to the Tree of Light

Posted Nov 27, 2012 | Posted in News & Events

The following is written by Kristin Lassiter, the hospice volunteer coordinator for Johnston Home Care and Hospice.

The holidays are upon us, and now we’re faced with the eternal question of what to give to the people in our lives.  Coming up with gift ideas can pose a dilemma when so many people already have everything they want or need.

That’s why a few years ago I started Christmas shopping at charitable organizations.  In honor or memory of someone you love, you can buy a mosquito net for a child in another country, a week’s worth of meals for a homeless person, or an immunization for someone living in poverty.  I have received quite a few such gifts, and it always makes my heart smile, knowing that something good has happened in the world because someone loved me and expressed it through generosity to others.

This holiday season, you can do the same thing and help your community.  I would like to invite you to honor or remember a loved one by giving to the Tree of Light.  This is a fundraiser of the Johnston Health Foundation to support the patients and families of our Johnston Health Home Care & Hospice program.  Hospice patients are those who have been admitted for end-of-life care.  Their families are often dealing with stress that goes far beyond the expected emotional turmoil that comes with losing a loved one. Gifts to the Tree of Light can and do make a difference to people in their darkest hours.

Rather than buying another sweater for Grandma this Christmas, consider giving to an organization committed to making a difference in the lives of people in Johnston County.  To give to the Tree of Light campaign, download a donation form from our Foundation page.  I hope you will join me in supporting the Tree of Light!

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