Staying Healthy During Final Exams

Posted May 14, 2012 | Posted in Health & Wellness

Final exam season is rapidly approaching. High school and college students across the country are preparing for one of the most stressful and daunting times of the semester. This includes the students at Smithfield, Corinth, Princeton, and North and West Johnston High schools. Finals are a stressful time for many students, and that stress can be amplified by poor health habits. Take a look at some of these tips for staying healthy during your impending end-of-year exams.

Limit your use of energy drinks
Energy drinks are a study aid of choice for many students stressed over studying for final exams. These beverages are used for their ability to keep students awake and alert longer. However, energy drinks are packed full of caffeine and can have negative effects if they are taken in large dosages. Too much caffeine can cause dangerously accelerated heart rates, anxiety, headaches and damage to the lining of the stomach.

Study over a period of a time, not just one night  
Lots of students tend to “cram” the night before a big test. They may do this because they feel they learn better this way, or time simply got away from them. Either way, cramming is not the healthiest way to study for finals. Research has shown that the brain retains more when it is fed information over a period of days or weeks. Ensuring you study over a longer period of time can help you achieve better test scores, and you won’t be so tired from staying up all night before a big exam.

Get plenty of rest
Sleep is the key to being focused and alert during final exams. Sleep is the fuel your body runs on and you don’t want to take a big final exam on an empty tank. Allow for plenty of rest throughout your study and exam period. Sleep is especially important for the night before a test. You’ll wake up alert and ready to put your studying to good use.  

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