Cut Down on Snacking

Posted Sep 28, 2011 | Posted in Fitness & Nutrition

boy-snackingEvery day, it happens at the same time. The 4 o’clock munchies. You get them, and you can’t shake ’em. But we have six ways you can cut down on snacking:

Hydrate: Often times, people mistake dehydration with being hungry. So before you scarf down that bag of chips, try drinking a glass of water.  More times than not, that feeling of emptiness will disappear.

Feel full longer: Eating a diet rich in fiber, whole grains and protein will leave you feeling full longer. Eat a handful of almonds or blueberries instead of that candy bar you’re craving.

Tame your sweet tooth: If you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth, try a healthier alternative to chocolate. Fat-free frozen yogurt with fruit is a tasty snack with the added benefit of probiotics, calcium and protein.

Break the fast: Many people think skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. Think again. Beginning the day with a meal full of lean protein and whole grain will reduce your hunger for the rest of the day. Try an egg white omelet or a protein shake.

Don’t snack for the sake of snacking:  It’s easy to snack because you’re bored, stressed or depressed, but learning when you’re really hungry is an important lesson. Only snack when you’re hungry enough to eat something healthy – like an apple or carrot sticks — when your body really needs nourishment. Those foods will benefit your body, and you’ll find how easy it is to get your daily fruit and veggie servings.

Eat smaller meals: This may seem counterintuitive, but eating larger meals will actually make you hungrier. The insulin surge that comes with large meals causes blood sugar to drop, making you hungrier. Eat smaller meals with substantial foods, and you won’t feel the need to snack.

Cutting down on snacking is one of the best ways to trim calories from your diet. With these tips and a little willpower, snacking may become a distant memory.

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