Walter Day: Local Artists from Johnston County

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Local Artists from Johnston County: Walter DayLocal art has made its way from artists’ homes and into the lobbies and reception areas of Johnston Medical Centers in Smithfield and Clayton. Art has the ability to soothe and to aid the healing process, and we’re proud to be able to showcase the artistic talent right here in Johnston County.

Walter Day

A large landscape titled “Swift Creek” hangs in the lobby above the stairs at Johnston Medical Center-Smithfield. The four-panel painting was created by Walter Day, who drew inspiration from a stretch of the creek that flows through western Johnston County. In this fall scene, he incorporates colors used in the lobby of the hospital’s new entrance.

“My motivation is to try to go one step beyond the typical and even stereotypical to bring the viewer into a real experience of the image. Aspects are merely suggested and left up to the viewer’s own conclusions,” he says. “Through this peculiarity I invite dialogue between the viewer and me, as well as the viewer within the self. To me, this keeps the rendering from stagnation.”

Day grew up in New York and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. He lives near Archer Lodge and been painting for the last 40 years. He also plays and sings in a blues band.

Also, Day painted two large paintings for Johnston Medical Center-Clayton. He drew inspiration for “210 Vista” from the expanse of farmland on N.C. 210 at Crantock Road, west of Smithfield. “Afternoon Rain” is a compilation of rural scenes around Clayton.

“I approach a painting from the perspective that the idea of the mundane can be translated into any ideal subject,” the artist says about his work. “I try to state my observations by application, color and technique to make the subject fresh and relevant.”

Day’s paintings are also included in the collections of such companies as Nations Bank, Wachovia Bank, GlaxoWelcome, Penn Corp. and Capital Urology.


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