Exercise Ideas for Kids

Posted Jul 20, 2011 | Posted in Fitness & Nutrition

Exercise Ideas for KidsIt’s summer, which means your children are out of school and ready to play. What are you doing to keep them healthy? Here are some quick fitness and exercise ideas for kids.


Good Nutrition
A healthy lifestyle starts with good food. If your child isn’t eating healthful food, then exercise won’t have much of a positive affect. Make sure they develop healthy eating habits – reward them for eating healthy food, and limit their intake of fatty or sugary foods. You can turn it into a game. For example, reward your kids if they eat at least one thing from each color of the rainbow every day. Good nutrition is the first step in becoming and staying fit.

The Tar Heel Midget and Little League state tournaments are right around the corner, and several young baseball players are participating. Sports not only keep your child active, but they also provide your child with a constructive way to socialize and make new friends. Practices and game schedules establish a routine and make regular activity a part of everyday life.  If your child doesn’t like the idea of a team sport, play with him or her at home – shoot some baskets in the driveway, toss around a baseball in the backyard – anything to keep your child up and moving.

Outdoor Activities
Spending time outdoors is a great way to instill an active lifestyle in your children. Take them to the local playground or park or spend some time wandering around nearby trails. These kinds of recreational activities are a great way to get your child outside and engaging with nature.


Active Games
Games can be so fun that you can forget that you’re exercising. Frisbee, jump rope and tag keep kids on their toes, laughing, and most important, moving around.


Family Exercise
Children learn by example, so it’s important that you have a healthy lifestyle as well. Get involved with your child’s fitness by being active yourself. Turn a Saturday into a family exercise outing by going biking on a nearby trail, rollerblading through the park or swimming at the pool.

Whether they love to play soccer, hike around lakes or play tag in the neighborhood, encouraging your children to be active is the first step in making and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits.


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