Digital Mammography at Johnston Health

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If you are a woman 40 and over, you should have a mammogram every year to check for abnormalities and lumps that may indicate early stages of breast cancer. Performing monthly self breast exams, breastfeeding your children, limiting your alcohol intake, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight are all ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer.

When it comes time for your annual mammogram, make it digital. At Johnston Health, we offer the highest standard of early detection technology through digital mammography screening. It is essential to detect breast cancer early — before it spreads. The earlier it’s discovered and treated, the better your chance of survival.

We use a Senographe Essential full-field digital mammography system that produces digital images on a computer screen, helping our doctors make accurate diagnoses. With this technology, you’ll experience short exams times, fast results and fewer callbacks – all resulting in less anxiety and superior care.

We are focused on making your exam more comfortable than ever before, and the screening will only take about 10-15 minutes. Try to avoid wearing deodorant or powder the day of the exam since it could affect the image, and remember to wear a two piece outfit because you will need to undress from the waist up.

Give us a call at 919-938-7749 to set up an appointment today.  When it comes to breast health the earlier the better.

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