The Wonders of Oats

Posted May 19, 2011 | Posted in Fitness & Nutrition

oats-400x400There is no better way to begin your day than with a steaming bowl of warm oatmeal. It’s a good jumpstart to the morning, good for your body and great for your health. Oats add nutrients to your diet, wrapped in a variety of flavor combinations.

Some health benefits:

  • Lower Cholesterol: Oatmeal contains a soluble fiber known as betaglucan, which helps remove bad cholesterol from your bloodstream.
  • Weigh Loss: The fiber in oatmeal leaves a more full-and-satisfied feeling, so you’ll be less likely to reach for a candy bar later on. A half-cup serving has about 150 calories.
  • Healthy Digestion: The fiber in oatmeal aids in healthy digestion and allows your body to pass food along.
  • Energy: Oatmeal has a healthy amount of carbohydrates, which your body needs for energy. A bowl in the morning provides stamina throughout the day.
  • Fight cancer: The insoluble fiber in oatmeal helps your body fight against toxic bile acids, helping to lower the risk of cancer.

Banish the bland oatmeal stigma with this variety of ways to spice up your oats.

1. Chose your oats. Different types with different textures are widely available.

  • rolled oats
  • quick oats
  • steel cut oats
  • oat bran
  • Scottish oats

2.  You can cook oats on the stove-top or in the microwave. Just follow the instructions on the package.

3.  Either during the cooking process or after you’re done, you can add mix-ins and toppers to jazz up your oats. The options are endless:

  • nut butter (almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter etc.)
  • jellies and jams
  • fresh fruit
  • dried fruit
  • chopped nuts
  • cacao nibs
  • granola
  • sweetener (honey, maple syrup, molasses, brown sugar, stevia etc.)
  • coconut flakes
  • pumpkin puree
  • flax seeds or chia seeds (great sources of Omega-3s)

Make oatmeal a part of your daily routine and and your body will thank you.

Bonus Recipe

For days when you are craving something cool, try overnight oats. The night before, combine the following ingredients and place in the refrigerator overnight. When you wake up, you’ll have a creamy and unique bowl of delicious, chilled oats waiting.

  • ⅓-cup oats
  • ⅓-cup milk
  • ⅓-cup yogurt
  • mix-ins of your choice


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