Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Care ServicesOur mission is to identify and strengthen the emotional and spiritual health of each person we serve.  Personal faith often plays a role in the coping with illness and recovery process. Johnston Health is committed to providing our patients, their families and other visitors with an environment in which they feel comfortable practicing their faith.

Chaplain Support

We have a chaplain or chaplain volunteer available at all times to serve the needs of patients and their families. A chaplain is trained to provide spiritual support to all individuals, regardless of their personal faith or belief system.  Our director of Spiritual Care Services, Gregory McClain, holds a Doctor of Ministry, has eight units in clinical pastoral education (CPE), and is board certified through the Association of Professional Chaplains. All volunteer chaplains are pastors or local clergyperson who volunteer their time at Johnston Health and receive special training from spiritual care services.  All volunteers are ordained (or its equivalency) or have at least one unit of CPE.

Chaplains can assist patients, visitors or staff:

  • Feeling fearful, upset or worried
  • In need of counseling, comfort or non-judgmental listening
  • Feeling sad or depressed and in need of hope
  • Desiring religious or spiritual practices from their faith or belief system
  • Need connection to clergy from their faith background
  • In crisis or in need of crisis intervention
  • In need of advocacy
  • Desiring consultation on advance directives, end-of-life decisions, or ethical issues

Spiritual Care Week, October 25-31

In observance of Spiritual Care week, we will visit departments and give the “blessing of hands.” This blessing is for all employees of Johnston Health and the hospice house.

Chaplaincy – A Call to Persevere in Faith
By Debbie Wall
Clinical Staff Chaplain
Spiritual Care Services, Johnston Health – Clayton

In our personal lives, we have our own faiths and beliefs. As chaplains at Johnston Health and the SECU Hospice House, we are interfaith. We provide spiritual care without jeopardizing our own beliefs. In our experiences with different cultures, we have learned that almost everyone believes in a creator or a higher power.

As we walk the halls and approach a room or respond to a code, we pray for the appropriate words to say. We have no idea who or what is waiting behind that door. Our faith carries us forward to do what is necessary for the patient and/or family member. As chaplains, we inspire hope. We provide encouragement where needed. We spur the patient toward a better feeling, even if death is imminent.

The role of a chaplain is to provide spiritual care through prayer, empathy, listening and grief support. Sometimes the patient, family member or staff needs only an ear to hear. Sometimes the need is for support on a deeper listening level. Sometimes the patient is facing death and needs someone to be the calm in the walk through the valley of death. A good dying experience is to be treated with dignity and care, for the ones who are dying and for their loved ones.

In the hustle and bustle of a hospital or hospice house, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress that naturally occurs. During these times, we would like to invite you to ask for a chaplain. We have been taught how to stay calm.

Interfaith Chapel

The Interfaith Chapels are located on the first floor in Smithfield and the ground floor in Clayton. They are available for prayer and meditation at all times to persons of all faiths. Sacred texts from various faith traditions are provided for use in the chapel.

Spiritual Care Library

The Spiritual Care Library contains a variety of resources that may help patients, their support persons, and staff improve their spiritual wellness. Books, periodicals, CDs and DVDs are available for checkout.

Contact Us

Spiritual Care Services is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. Chaplains are on call at all other times. A chaplain visit can be requested by:

  • Notifying your nurse
  • Calling the switchboard (dial 0 from within the hospital or 919-937-8171)
  • Calling the Spiritual Care Office during operating hours at 919-209-3655

Become a Volunteer Chaplain at Johnston Health