Ambassador of the Month

Susan Furr | December Ambassador

The time that registered nurse Susan Furr recently spent with a patient left such a positive impression that she wrote a thank-you note on the white board of her hospital room. “Unwanted stays in the hospital are never easy,” the note said. “But the skills you possess and the compassion and professionalism you showed, made my stay more pleasant. Just remember: Medications are synthetic; memories are forever.” Furr says the kind words meant a lot. “I like making things better. I like making a difference.” For going above and beyond the call of duty, Furr was recognized in December as the Johnston Health Ambassador of the Month. During a presentation, CEO Chuck Elliott read aloud some of the comments shared in her nomination. “She excels at communicating with patients and staff, and believes that it’s the key to the organization’s well-being. “She also understands that helping a patient heal is more than administering medications or talking about test results,” he said. “It’s also about taking the time to listen and to show genuine concern.” Furr works nights on third floor at Johnston Health Clayton. It’s the shift she’s always preferred, she says, because the pace is less hectic and there’s more time to talk with patients. “I like teaching them about a new diagnosis, answering questions about their medicines or disease processes, or helping them process what’s happened during their day,” she says. Furr grew up in Durham and knew from a young age that she wanted to be a nurse. During her 28-year career, she’s worked in every area of the hospital, except in the operating room and emergency department. Although she’s lived in Clayton for the past 20 years, she’s worked in hospitals as far away as Virginia and New Bern. So she jumped at the opportunity to join the third floor staff in February 2015 after the hospital opened its patient wing. “I love my co-workers,” she adds. “We all pitch in to help one another. It’s a good work environment.” She and her husband, Shawn, have three grown children, one of whom is a nurse.

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